Focus and Scope

Aim and Scope:

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Blockchain (IJIB) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research and analysis on blockchain technology and its applications across various disciplines. The journal aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaboration among researchers from different fields to advance the understanding and development of blockchain technology.

IJIB welcomes submissions that explore the theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and practical aspects of blockchain technology. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Blockchain technology and its architecture
  • Blockchain applications in various domains, such as finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and governance
  • The economic, social, and legal implications of blockchain technology
  • The ethical and regulatory challenges posed by blockchain technology
  • The future of blockchain technology

All submissions to IJIB undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and originality of the research. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the journal's style guide and submitted through the online submission system.

IJIB is an international journal that targets researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in blockchain technology and its applications. The journal is committed to providing a platform for high-quality research that can inform the development and implementation of blockchain technology in various sectors.