About the Journal

Indonesian Journal of Communication Science is an academic platform that presents high-quality research in various aspects of communication science relevant to global as well as local contexts, especially in the domains of culture, technology, politics, media, social movements, health, identity, globalization, language, power, and social interaction.

Indonesian Journal of Communication Science aims to be a forum for researchers, academics, practitioners, and thinkers who are interested in understanding the complex dynamics of communication in various social, cultural, and political contexts. We welcome contributions of original, theoretical, and empirical scientific articles that explore various aspects of communication with a multidisciplinary approach, offer new insights, and encourage the development of sustainable communication theory and practice.

Indonesian Journal of Communication Science is committed to promoting inclusive academic dialog, providing a platform for various perspectives and theoretical approaches, and encouraging innovation in communication thinking that can make a significant contribution to the development of communication knowledge and practice in Indonesia and around the world.